ALAVO - Customising the washroom design

Posted by Dolphin Solutions on 19-Nov-2018 09:50:36


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What is the difference between accessible and ambulant accessible

Posted by Dolphin Solutions on 27-Jul-2018 09:58:02

An accessible toilet is designed to accommodate different transfer preferences of wheelchair users and therefore requires more space than a standard or ambulant accessible toilet. In addition to a higher toilet pan and grab rails, it is fitted with shelves (for colostomy bags and general use) and a basin with lever or sensor taps. It has an emergency alarm facility for assistance. A right hand transfer is the more common need but where more than one accessible toilet is provided, alternating transfer hands should be offered. The key details, as set out in current BSI standards, are given below and the illustration shows a left hand transfer arrangement. 

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How to specify the right tap for your project

Posted by Dolphin Solutions on 16-Apr-2018 12:18:26

Why so many different types of taps?

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hand dryers vs. paper towels - what product is best for my washroom?

Posted by Dolphin Solutions on 21-Feb-2018 09:41:45

Drying hands is usually the last part of the washroom user’s experience…usually. Yet only 20% of people say they always dry their hands thoroughly after washing them. This is critical because research has found that 85% of microbes are transmitted by moist hands, compared with 0.06% by dry hands.

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What is ALAVO?

Posted by Dolphin Solutions on 10-Nov-2017 09:05:04

ALAVO is the modular, touch-free, behind-mirror handwash system by Dolphin Solutions. It keeps the taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers cleverly concealed behind a back-lit mirror and above the basins - saving space, minimising water spillage and reducing queues.

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Architecture in the United Arab Emirates: What will the future hold?

Posted by Dolphin Solutions on 31-Oct-2017 09:27:19

The UAE currently has the fastest growing construction market in the world, with reports stating that it has overtaken the previous leader, Saudi Arabia, for the first time in over 5 years.

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How disabling disabled toilets really are

Posted by Dolphin Solutions on 19-Oct-2017 15:50:30

Written by David Spooner.

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What is PVD?

Posted by Dolphin Solutions on 13-Oct-2017 15:15:23

We've been asked lots of questions by architects about how to achieve these kinds of finishes, so we decided to share the answers to the questions architects most need to know in order to specify products with these in-demand finishes.  If you have any questions that we haven't answered here, please let us know in the comments below!

What does it stand for?
PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition. 

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Creating an ‘Accessible WC’ that is actually accessible.

Posted by Owen Mclean on 27-Sep-2017 11:41:48

Written by Owen Mclean. 

Accessible WC rooms are designed to make toileting as easy as possible for those with physical disabilities; yet many (or most!) ‘Accessible’ public toilets comply with neither Part M of the Building Regulations nor British Standard BS 8300-2009. Far too many are difficult to use and can even pose a serious threat to the safety of the user.

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Wash Troughs – helping to improve hygiene in the washroom

Posted by Dolphin Solutions on 20-Sep-2017 15:13:03

As we know, washrooms have a significant part to play in reducing the spread of germs in any public environment, particularly when it comes to hand washing. Research from BioCote has shown the sink as the worst culprit for levels of contamination with more than 50,000 Colony-Forming Units (CFUs) present on or around the basin at any one time. Because of their streamlined and easy to clean shape, troughs help reduce the number of spaces where germs can be harboured, improving hygiene in the washroom. Troughs are a rapidly growing trend in washhroom design, offering a more modern, stylish alternative to the standard sink.

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