What is ALAVO?

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ALAVO is the modular, touch-free, behind-mirror handwash system by Dolphin Solutions. It keeps the taps, soap dispensers and hand dryers cleverly concealed behind a back-lit mirror and above the basins - saving space, minimising water spillage and reducing queues.


Designed with input from architects, designers and clients, ALAVO uses the latest technology - including infra-red sensor taps, foam soap systems and high-speed low energy dryers to save time, water, energy, soap, space and money.  With everything fully integrated, ALAVO's radical "plug and play" design also minimises time spent on installation: it's a natural fit in any modern washroom. It is also exceptionally easy to maintain and service too.

What are the advantages for the Developer/Landlord?

  • Space saving – due to the combination of hand-washing and hand-drying facility in one unit, ALAVO typically saves in excess of (1.2 x M x B), where M is m2 in floor space, and B is no of basins in the washroom. Therefore you can Increase the lettable floor area by minimising washroom size.
  • No wet floors – keeping the dryers above the basins minimises the risk of the customer suing the building owner after a slip on a wet floor.
  • Reduce downtime – quick installation reduces downtime in a refurbishment project.

What are the advantages for the Architect/Designer?

  • Low risk - transfer the liability for the design of this critical area in the washroom through specification of a manufactured product.
  • Massively customisable – a huge range of taps and trough/basin styles can be used with ALAVO to match the design you have in mind, and the LED lighting can be adjusted to any colour of your choice with smart RGB lighting controls.

What are the advantages for the Contractor?

  • Modular System – Built offsite, delivered and fitted in one piece, greatly reducing installation time on site.
  • Guaranteed system – any problems are handled by the manufacturer.

What are the advantages for the Facilities and Cleaning Teams?

  • No wet floors – no drips minimises time spent cleaning up wet floors.
  • Easy to service – all consumables located behind the mirror panel for easy access. Top hinged mirror flaps are fitted with gas struts to enable easy operation giving access to all the elements without having to create removable panels.
  • Simple to refill - warning light appears on the mirror when either the soap reservoir or the paper towel dispensers are running low. Multi-feed soap system saves time spend refilling individual soap dispensers.
What are the advantages for washroom users?
  •  No wet floors – the user no longer has to walk over to hand dryers/paper towel dispensers with dripping hands, risking slipping on a floor made wet and dangerous by previous users.
  • Enjoyable to use – backlit mirrors provide perfect, shadow-free lighting - ideal for applying make-up etc.

What specification options are there?

ALAVO is a highly customisable system, and can be designed to suit a wide variety of washroom styles – from the high-end and luxurious, to the pared back and minimalist.

The modular cabinets are factory assembled in wash-station spacings of 600mm, 750mm and 900mm, and can be used in ‘supaloos’ with a single wash-station or in communal washrooms with up to eight wash-stations in a single run, all connected into one electrical and water connection. Both basins and troughs are available in a wide variety of styles and materials - checkout our blog for more ideas.

ALAVO can be supplied with a circulating hot water loop, trace heating compatibility, point of use heating facility, TMV3 thermostatic valves or single cold water feed.

While the debate about hand dryers vs. paper towel dispensers rages on, give your clients the choice! ALAVO comes with the option to add either – or both – and if your client chooses one and later wants to swap to the other, the interchangeable modules make the alteration painless and cost effective.

The customisable lighting is where ALAVO really comes into its own. User positions can be clearly marked with white LED strip lighting (optional upgrade to programmable RGB colour controls), providing ideal backlighting for close-up beauty regimes. The LED graphics on the mirror and the under-mirror lighting can be easily programmed to any RGB colour. Clients can use this to match ALAVO to their exact brand colour, or can regularly change the colour to refresh the washroom look.

What support options are available?

There are three tiers of support available with the ALAVO system. The ‘Commissioned’ package involves supply of the pre-built ALAVO modules together with clear fitting instructions for your contractor or electrician to fit. Of course we are always available on the phone if there are any queries, but the ‘plug and play’ design makes fitting surprisingly quick and simple – check out our ALAVO installation video.



For extra reassurance, you can opt for the ‘Installation Support’ package; where our trained ALAVO fitters will have the system up and working for you in no time, leaving your contractors free to focus on other areas of the project.

We also offer a long term service contract covering the whole ALAVO system after fitting. Our engineers will visit site at least every 3 months to service the system and ensure everything is kept in the best working order at all times. The system is still covered by guarantee without this, but it does provide extra reassurance for cleaning and facilities teams who are anxious about the new concept. 

Who else has used it effectively?

Liverpool Airport needed new washrooms that could withstand a heavy footfall. They tasked Dolphin with creating sleek and sophisticated designs that would make Liverpool Airport a pleasure to pass through. We spotted the opportunity to cut a bin-ring into the troughs so rubbish could be easily dispensed through the counter, which saved space, effort and money. The customer responses were fantastic. Thanks to our intelligent and intuitive designs, the public were able to cope with the touch-free systems without a hitch.

It’s been used around the world - from Kazakhstan to the USA, from Russia to Australia, and from France to the Ivory Coast.   It’s been selected by architects to be used in the uber-trendy London Design Museum, it’s complemented the Regency-Classical style at the Victoria Gate Shopping Centre (voted the best shopping centre in the world) and even graced St.Pauls Cathedral.

St.Pauls.jpg  design museum.jpg  Victoria.jpg

How do I specify an item for ALAVO?

The best way to specify ALAVO is to contact us 


You can also download all the standard CAD blocks from our website

Our technical sales team will help you to ensure the system configuration works at its best for your project. Once this is agreed, our team will issue you with an NBS Spec Phrase.

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